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Conference Calling: One Caller, Many Participants

Conference calling allows a caller to have more than one person listen in to the audio part of the call and, may allow the called party to talk back or merely listen, without speaking. Sometimes, it is known as an Audio Tele-Conference. With conference calling, the caller may actually be able to add others to the call or participants can call into the conference call by themselves. To call into a conference call, they can make a call into a conference bridge, which is a special phone to answer multiple calls or, they may call a special number set up for this very purpose.

Most Often Used By Businesses

Conference calling is a popular means used by businesses to report their financial results and, in the United States; public corporations use it to report quarterly results. Some of these calls allow callers such as stock analysts to pose questions and, are known as earning calls. Besides business usage, conference calling is also used for entertainment as well as social purposes and, these are known as party lines. People can call such numbers and be connected to converse with other callers and, it is a good method of talking to and meeting new people. Nevertheless, conference calling is mostly used for business purposes.

Conference calling has a number of benefits such as it mimes a conference table and helps reduce travel costs, allows for taking immediate action, are easy to schedule, helps in better management of a business, and in a number of other business-related areas, it proves its worth. Of course, it requires some amount of planning and, it includes selecting the time and date of the call, estimating the number of participants, estimating the durations of calls as well as preparing a list of participants, to name a few of the many planning functions required before making a call. One must also provide the company name, chairperson’s name, date and time as well as number of participants when making reservations.

The number of conference calling services available is many and some are free such as Skype, which allows a five-person call that is handy when the caller wishes to talk to a select few and, so does not need to make separate calls to each individual. Such conference calls may be used to arrange holidays, catch up with latest family news and other matters of personal interest. Skype conference calling may also be used to call people using landline or mobile phones simultaneously, even if they are not using Skype.

With so many different sources for making a conference call, one is now able to stay connected with others without much fuss or bother and, only need to get aboard a conference calling service and get connected to others. There are many different plans available that range from reservationless conference call services to flat rate phone conferencing and conference calling with toll-free access to presentations or meetings with clients.