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ATT Conference Calling: A Logical Alternative

How do you connect five offices in different states, 12 people, and the most important marketing strategy updates in one meeting without airfare? The answer is simple. ATT conference calling is an easy and inexpensive alternative to flying your employees all over the country once a month for a face to face update on the latest and greatest in your company. When email is too slow, and a hotel conference too expensive, ATT conference calling is the most logical alternative to classic meeting interfaces. With easy to follow instructions on setting it up, your whole meeting can be held in the comfort of your own office.

Need everyone on the same page before the big presentation to the stock holders? Get your team of analysts on the same page in just minutes with the push of a few buttons. ATT conference calling provides service to all areas with access to a phone line. It’s that simple. With no installation and a step by step walk-through of how to set up an ATT conference calling session, even the office janitor could set your meeting up in minutes.


Worried about the cost? That’s an easy one, just ask yourself this: How much would it cost to fly my employees to me, and feed and house them for a night? For just a few pennies you could be connected with your most vital supervisors in minutes, passing on updated information, or ensuring that the company-wide tasking memo was received and understood by all. Simply put, ATT conference calling is the quickest way to provide yourself and your company with a fast and easy to use means of communicating with your business leaders.

Don’t own a business? How about do you have a family? ATT conference calling doesn’t only apply to business needs. Just imagine how much easier it would be planning a surprise birthday party with your friends if you could all speak with each other at the same time. Sharing ideas and thoughts real time making the best of everyone’s input. How about your parents 40 year wedding anniversary? Getting all your brothers and sisters to agree on something is hard enough when you have to wait for emails to be responded to, and then make sure the ideas are received by everyone. Just pick up the phone and call them at the same time using ATT conference calling.