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Conference Calling Services: Overcomes Geographical Constraints, Economically

Often, geography as well as logistics makes it impossible for all participants to meet and be in the same room together at the same time. In an era of instant connectivity, companies can make use of conference calling as a means to effectively communicate as well as conduct business, without needing to spend exorbitant sums on travel to be at the same place at the same time. Conference calling services enable connecting more people together without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

Real-Time Communications With People From Different Locations

Conference calling services can be of great value when one needs real-time conversations with people from different locations and, are not able to meet them in person. Connecting through a conference calling service allows one to make critical decisions, share information as well as reach a solution to different problems, quickly. There are many independent conference calling services that offer call connection bridges to connect many people across different locations into one phone call.

Conference calling services are able to provide a solution to best fit individual budgets and ensure proper functionality as well as guarantee flawless service on demand. Before choosing a service, one should ascertain the number of conference calls that will be made per month, the number of people participating, estimated monthly budget, whether to have reservation-less or pre-scheduled conferences, the need for operator assistance and, whether web conferencing services are required as well.

For those with high conference calling budgets, it is possible to get substantial volume discounts though, there is need to watch out for monthly minimums. Conference calling services will charge per minute per person and a six person 45 minute call may normally cost around $125 and, it is also possible to get flat rate monthly pricing, which is great for volume conference calling.

There are very many conference calling services available but, perhaps the largest dedicated conferencing service provider in the world is InterCall that provides audio, web as well as video conferencing solutions and, their services can be scaled up or down for local as well as global businesses. The company is known to have served more than 400,000 individual conference leaders spanning over 70,000 organizations throughout the world and, it provides audio, event, web as well as video conference solutions. It has a strong presence in the United States as well as having global offices in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and India, to name a few countries where it has offices.

It has over 140,000 conferencing ports that make it the leader in the conference calling services industry and, it continues to grow with each year of operation. With a team of 500 Meeting Consultants, the company also employs more than 1,600 operators and other conference calling staff and, can provide support 24x7x365, which makes it truly competitive.