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Corporate Conference Calling Security

Corporate conference calling is an excellent means of communicating with other interested parties within the company regarding a strategy or development that is a common concern. Interested parties that can dial in to a conference call can include management, staff, shareholders, customers, data.

How A Corporate Conference Calling System Works

A corporate conference calling system is generally administered by an outside provider. This provider assigns a toll-free number to the corporation. When a corporation schedules a conference call, the toll-free number is sent out to the invited parties along with the access code number. Also, included with this number are instructions on how to access the conference line.

Accessing the teleconference is accomplished by calling the toll-free number and entering the access code when prompted to do so. Normally this access code is followed by hitting the pound sign. Following this action access to the conference call is gained. Generally, through an automated system, a new participant’s arrival is announced through an electronic beep. These procedures allow for corporate conference calling to be easily accessed.

Unfortunately, if the right security measures are not put into place and adhered to, easy access to a corporate conference calling system maybe a problem. Therefore, it is important to put into place policies and procedures regarding the use of the corporate conference calling system and to ensure that these policies are adhered to.

Suggested Security Guidelines

Often, the topics of conversation during a conference call are of a sensitive nature. These topics could include corporate earnings, strategies, challenges, data. Therefore it is important that the corporate conference calling session be secure and does not involve those who you do not wish to be privy to the information shared.

There are some measures that a company can follow to ensure their privacy. Some of those measures include the use of tones to announce the entrance and exit of those individuals calling in. When the entry tone is sounded, the newly arrived participant can be asked for their name. Also, before beginning the conference, a roll call can be taken to determine who is on the line. In addition, the provider of your corporate conference calling service can provide you the ability to lock your conference call once it has begun.

Other methods that will provide additional security for your conferencing may include the changing of the pass code on a periodic basis, minimizing the availability of the pass code to others and instruct those who have access to this code regarding the safekeeping of these numbers.