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Choosing Between Flat Rate Conference Calling Or Per Conference Call

Conference calling is an effective method of maintaining constant and clear communication between entities within a company. These entities can be management, staff, shareholders and customers.

In addition to being time effective, conference calling is a wonderful cost saving measure. Instead of incurring travel, lodging and meal costs, by requiring staff to attend meetings, a conference call can be initiated and reduce those associated overhead costs. In addition, by only requiring a few conferencing hours out of your staff’s time, the time preserved can be spent with customers.

When considering the alternative of conference calling it is important to conduct your research. This research should include the performance of the conference calling provider, their attention to customer care, the technology they offer and what are the associated costs.

Generally, there are two methods of expensing the calls made through conferencing. The first method charges the customer for each conference call made. The second method incorporates flat rate conference calling.

Charge Per Conference Call

When considering and selecting your provider to handle your conferencing calls, you will be asked to enter into an agreement. This agreement is not necessarily a contract, but will clearly define the expectations and commitments of the provider and the customer when utilizing this service. One of the important features of this agreement will define how you will be billed and how the monthly invoice will be calculated.

One particular method of billing will be the charge per conference call plan. This amount is derived by multiplying the number of minutes that each participant utilizes during the monthly conference calls. This fee is called the bridging fee and represents the bridging or joining of each of the calls that feed into the overall conference call.

In addition, if your conference calls incorporate callers from other countries there may be an additional charge per conference call. This particular rate is based on the country from which the caller enters the conference from. Also, the charge per minute will vary and is dependent upon the country from where the call originates.

Flat Rate Conference Calling

Depending upon the number of minutes that you estimate will be used in conferencing, it may be more advantageous to use the flat rate conference calling option. The flat rate conference calling system of invoicing is based on a set monthly fee that does not vary regardless of the number of minutes that are utilized for conference calls.

Other features of flat rate conference calling may include unlimited minutes as well as unlimited conference calling sessions. In addition flat rate conference calling does not require reservations of any sort.

The provider of the flat rate conference calling option simply allows their customer unlimited use of the bridge that is used to connect all of the calls into the conference session. The only variation in the flat rate conference calling fee is based on the number of callers that you wish to authorize to be a part of the conference call at any given time. However, this variation in the flat rate conference calling plan, is selected by the customer to meet their conferencing needs. Therefore, there are no surprises at the end of the billing period.