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Connecting Globally With International Conference Calling

Although the world that we live in today has not literally been reduced in size, it seems smaller. This perspective in dimensions can be attributed to communication technologies such as the Internet and satellite television. Also, convenient and effective transportation is a major factor in bringing the borders of other countries closer together.

In addition, in order to survive, businesses have had to change their perspective to remain solvent. Therefore, the economy is no longer just a concern on the local level, but on the national and global level.

Therefore, it is important that individuals, governments and businesses enhance their lines of communication. For businesses, this can be accomplished through many tools and the use of modern technology. Such technology is the utilization of international conference calling.

What Is International Conference Calling

International conference calling is a form of communication that allows for a number of individuals to verbally communicate one with the other at the same time. This communication is facilitated by using cutting-edge phone technology coupled with other telephone enhancements. Examples of this phone technology include the use of fiber-optic cabling, digital routing, premium switching equipment, the use of noise reduction telephone enhancements and utilization of a large bandwidth.

Often, through the provider of the international conference calling plan, the audio portion of the conference call is crystal clear. This clarity is paramount in conducting business with other staff members or communicating with potential or current customers.

The Process of International Conference Calling

The process of initiating an international conference call is relatively simple. First of all, when a company enters into a contract with a conference call provider a toll-free number is issued to that customer company. When a conference call is scheduled a notification is sent out inviting participants to be a part of that conference call. Often this notification can be sent via e-mail along with the conference call toll-free number as well as the PIN number and instructions on how to access the conference call.

Generally, once the caller dials in they are prompted to enter the access number and follow that entry by pressing the pound sign. Once this process has been accomplished the caller is then connected into the conference. In addition, an incoming attendee is announced simply through a series of beeps on the phone line.

The Costs Of International Conference Calling

The cost of international conference calling is based on two calculations. The first calculation takes the number of minutes of the conference call duration times the cost per minute from the country where the attendee is connecting from. Each of the attendees on the conference call is charged using this particular formula and the cost will vary from person to person because of the different originating countries where the call is made from.

In addition to this charge the cost, per participant in the conference call, is charged a bridge rate. This bridge rate is calculated by the minute and is disclosed in the terms of the international conference calling contract entered into between the conference call provider and the customer.