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Using MCI Conference Calling

There are many times that you are going to be able to use MCI conference calling in your business, or even in your personal life. It is something that is going to quickly become very useful once you have tried it, and something that you are going to not know how to live without.

What Is It?

You might be wondering what MCI conference calling is. First of all, you should know that this is a service that is for MCI customers. Once you are an MCI customer, you can sign up for MCI conference calling. When you have this service, basically you will be able to set up a conference call between many different parties. If you are the one setting it up, the other parties do not have to have MCI, although they will get a cheaper rate if they do. With MCI conference calling you can set up a conference call.

A conference call is like a meeting over the phone. Basically, when a conference call is set up, there is a single number that is involved. At a set time, this number is opened, and whoever is invited to the MCI conference call can call into the number. There is someone who is in charge of making sure that everyone invited gets answered and gets to join in on the call. Then, when everyone has gotten in, the meeting can begin. It works in a very easy way. Whoever is on the conference call can here whoever is talking. This way, everyone can hear what is going on during MCI conference calling.

This is s service that is not going to cost you very much money. If you are an MCI customer, you are going to find that your MCI conference calling is part of what is included in your service. That means that when you set up a conference call, it is not going to cost very much. Other people can call in to your MCI conference call, but they have to be an MCI member in order to get the cheap rate, otherwise they might have to pay their own long distance in order to be a part of the conference call.

Another place that MCI conference calling works great is if you have a large family that lives far away from each other. You can set up conference calls and everyone can talk together at the same time. This is a great way for big families to stay in touch with each other.