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Stay In Touch Without A Phone: Online Conference Calling

Conducting a conference call in today’s world does not necessarily mean having to have a phone handy to speak into, or numbers to dial and commands to follow. With modern day technology, it is now easier to conduct a conference call online with just a telephone number and a computer in front of you. Online conference calling is slowly becoming the fastest way to hold a meeting.

If you would like more information on online conference calling, and if it would work for you and your business, consider the following:

Meeting Online

The whole point of online conference calling is to meet with those you need to meet with when you are not able to be in the same room with them. Online conference calling allows you to be anywhere in the globe and still communicate with your peers. There are many websites that offer free, or low priced online conference calling that only requires a landline telephone number (one that every participant has to use) and a web browser. If you wish to visually see the meeting participants, then a web cam can be installed. With this new feature, you are able to share and send documents, as well as discuss others with your keyboard or with an audio feature. White boards can also be available if you wish to supplement your discussion with a graph or chart.

As far as the price of online conference calling, how much you will pay a month depends upon how many “seats” you wish to fill. Most online conference “room” offer packages as low as $50 a month.

Do You Travel Frequently?

Online conference calling is best for your business if your work requires you to travel a lot, and prevents you from meeting with your business peers/partners. With this 21st century feature, you are able to discuss, share and explain everything that you would if you were in an actual conference room. This type of meeting also allows for you to be able to talk without having to hold a phone to your ear, or worry about if the other participants can hear or understand you. So, if you are web savvy, or want to be, for your business, consider this modern feature to aid your business in keeping up with each other, and keeping up with the times, both being essential for success.