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Understanding And Utilizing A Phone Conference Call Service

At one time a phone conference call used to be an expensive service offered by a mainstream telephone company. This expense was due to the fact that an operator was involved, the communication equipment was not as advanced and the mainstream telephone companies had a “corner” on the conference call market.

However, today the availability of utilizing a phone conference call service is readily available. This is due to the inclusion of other telecommunication services and a significant change in technology. This change in technology includes the use of the internet, fiber optic cabling, switching equipment, data. Not only has this new technology allowed for the use of conducting a phone conference call, but has made the service more affordable.

In addition to the phone conference call being a more available and affordable there are options to the consumer in accessing these services. Two of those particular services include the use of an on-demand phone conference call service and an operator facilitated phone conference call option.

On Demand Conference Call

The on-demand phone conference call option is not only the most convenient, but, generally the most affordable option when initiating a phone conference call. The provider of a phone conferencing service often offers a number of plans to their customers. Utilizing the phone conferencing call system is as easy as dialing the toll-free number that is provided by the conference call provider. Once that number has been dialed a recorded message invites the caller to enter their conference ID number followed by the pound sign. This simple process allows the caller to gain access to the phone conference call.

There are a number of plans that are offered by the business that provides this service. These plans can include a flat fee which means that the conferencing service can be accessed and utilized as much as possible during the billing cycle. This particular option is most useful to those individuals or companies that initiate conference calls on a regular basis. A simple cost analysis will show whether participating in a flat rate service or paying per minute is the most economical means of utilizing their phone conference call service.

The other option associated with the on-demand phone conference call service is that of being billed by the service provider for each minute that the conference line is accessed. The monthly billing is calculated by charging the customer for each minute used at the agreed-upon rate per minute.

Operator Assisted Phone Conference Call

This particular type of phone conference call utilizes the assistance of a professional operator. This higher costing plan utilizes the talents of a professional operator which may include their facilitating the conference call, introduction of conference attendees, facilitating a question and answer period, data.. In addition, through the assistance of the operator, recordings of the conference can be captured as well as any follow-up calling that needs to be accomplished with the conference attendees.