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Meeting Without The Hassle: Reservationless Conference Calling

When you have an important meeting to conduct, nothing is worse then having to go through the drone of reserving a conference call for your business phone. But, luckily there are plans out there that enable you to make a conference call without having to reserve it, they are called reservationless conference calling.

Here is what reservationless conference calling is all about:

How It Works

When you want to hold a conference call right away, one that it too urgent to make reservations for, then you want to hire a reservationless conference calling service, in which all you need is a mutual telephone number that all parties can dial when the meeting is being held. Most reservationless conference calling services will allow up to 25-30 participants, and the maximum meeting time is usually 3 hours. In order for the phone call to be successful, you will need to arrange with the participants what time is good for them to conduct the conference call. You should also have a dial-in number for everyone to use; if you don’t then most telephone conferencing services have a 1-800 number you could use. Although you don’t have to make a reservation for your conference call, it is best to choose a time slot that is not during peak hours, as this could mean that there is not enough slots to hold a conference call when you need to.

Benefits Of Reservationless

The good thing about reservationless conference calling, is that not only can you call in a meeting at any time, but most offer benefits that will keep the meeting running smoothly and efficiently. Telephone services offer secured and privacy settings so that no one outside of your group can call in. There are also features that allow for anyone to leave or enter the conference call as long as they have the correct access code. Most reservationless conference services do not charge for their services, but you should expect the long-distance charges to apply from whatever phone company that you are subscribing from.

In the end, choosing reservationless conference calling is your best choice if you want to avoid the hassle of trying to reserve a slot for a telephonic meeting. Having this feature can be especially useful in the event that you are trying to schedule an emergency meeting and do not have time to reserve.